How To Add StickersTo GoodNotes


Note: This is a step-by-step guide to importing files to GoodNotes using an Apple iPad. If you are using a different app or device you may need to source instructions on Google or Youtube


You will receive a download link containing the file either after checkout or by email.
Click the Download link to save it to your downloads folder in your Files app.


Some files may download as a Zip File.
Locate the file and click on it - it will automatically unzip and be ready to use.

  1. Open GoodNotes and open any document

  2. Make sure the pencil tool is off at the top right of the screen

  1. Click on the elements tool in the toolbar and swipe left in the bottom bar until you see the + button

  1. Click the + and enter a name you will call the Sticker Collection

  1. Next click the 3 dots at the top centre of the screen and select Split View

  1. You will then be prompted to open an app in the second screen. Select the sticker download folder that contains the stickers you wish to import.

  2. You should now have 2 screens open, click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the right screen

  3. Click Select

  1. Select each sticker you wish to import (a quick hack is to run your pencil down the circles next to them all)

  1. Next hold you finger / pencil on one of the selected stickers until they all group together.

  2. Then drag and drop them into the GoodNotes screen on the left

  3. Click Create

  4. To return back to Fullscreen, click the 3 dots at the tope of the screen